Writing for InfoWorld

infoworld-logoA few weeks ago, I was having dinner with a good friend at the San Francisco Ferry Building. I was on my way out of Talend, and we were discussing my plans for the future (plans that are still largely up in the air). My friend had been in a similar situation a year or so ago, and had picked up the opportunity to write a regular column for InfoWorld. He asked me if I would be interested in an introduction to InfoWorld’s editor-in-chief.

After a few discussions with the InfoWorld crew, and the submission of several writing samples, here I am: an official member of the IDG Contributor Network! My InfoWorld blog is named Data Insights, and I am committed to one to two posts per week. I will be commenting on data technology trends, discuss examples of how data drives digital transformation, and react to major headlines/events related to data and its ecosystem. Continue reading