When the French “culture” intelligentsia scrutinizes its belly button

lobsterI probably made a lot of fresh new enemies this morning. AFDEL and Renaissance Numérique were organizing the “Tokyo Forum” on the digitalization of “culture”. Why the name “Tokyo Forum”? Because the venue was the basement of the Palais de Tokyo, a modern arts museum in the heart of Paris. Why quote marks around “culture”? Because in France, “culture” is an industry, a business, a mindset, which does not translate nor transpose easily in English. Closest I could come up with would be “arts” – but then there would be an “artistic” expectation, and thus a disappointment. So I’ll just use culture here, and drop the quote marks. Continue reading

Aurora amazona

Red_and_green_aurorasAs the dawn rises on Las Vegas and AWS re:Invent, the twittosphere is abuzz with the latest market disruptor from Amazon: Aurora. I first heard about if from TechCrunch, with Silicon Angle following suit, and I am sure numerous other outlets that I simply did not read yet.

And I am not even in Las Vegas – re:Invent is one several high quality events I am not attending this week – but just keeping up with the tweetstream. It’s probably better anyway, since I doubt I would be writing this post that early in the morning after a long night of attempting to defeat the odds at the tables. Continue reading