New InfoWorld Data Insights post: make sure your data is housebroken

Chien_errantMore new content on the InfoWorld Data Insights blog:

Make sure your data is housebroken

And here is the teaser:

You’d never come home with a dirty, pest-infested and untrained puppy you randomly pick in the street. So why would you bring into your systems unclean, ungoverned data of dubious origin?

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New InfoWorld Data Insights post: IT leaders: pitchers or catchers?

Daisuke_Matsuzaka_USAMore new content on the InfoWorld Data Insights blog:

IT leaders: pitchers or catchers?

And here is the teaser:

In pro baseball, the catcher signals the pitcher how to throw the ball. Similarly, IT needs to inspire lines of business to make the right choices, or they will be left to deal with the curveballs sent their way.

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When the French “culture” intelligentsia scrutinizes its belly button

lobsterI probably made a lot of fresh new enemies this morning. AFDEL and Renaissance Numérique were organizing the “Tokyo Forum” on the digitalization of “culture”. Why the name “Tokyo Forum”? Because the venue was the basement of the Palais de Tokyo, a modern arts museum in the heart of Paris. Why quote marks around “culture”? Because in France, “culture” is an industry, a business, a mindset, which does not translate nor transpose easily in English. Closest I could come up with would be “arts” – but then there would be an “artistic” expectation, and thus a disappointment. So I’ll just use culture here, and drop the quote marks. Continue reading