Writing for InfoWorld

infoworld-logoA few weeks ago, I was having dinner with a good friend at the San Francisco Ferry Building. I was on my way out of Talend, and we were discussing my plans for the future (plans that are still largely up in the air). My friend had been in a similar situation a year or so ago, and had picked up the opportunity to write a regular column for InfoWorld. He asked me if I would be interested in an introduction to InfoWorld’s editor-in-chief.

After a few discussions with the InfoWorld crew, and the submission of several writing samples, here I am: an official member of the IDG Contributor Network! My InfoWorld blog is named Data Insights, and I am committed to one to two posts per week. I will be commenting on data technology trends, discuss examples of how data drives digital transformation, and react to major headlines/events related to data and its ecosystem.

Fittingly, just as my blog was getting set up, Hortonworks filled for IPO. Hence the first post that went online discusses the marketing benefits of going public for Hortonworks. I did not dissect their S-1 (I’ll leave that to much more capable financial analysts), but rather gave some thoughts as to the why of this filling. Here is an excerpt from the post:

Hortonworks filled for IPO at a fairly early stage for a company in their position. But this also puts them in a unique position to raise their marketing profile, and benefit from Wall Street’s appetite for the big data market.

The deal with InfoWorld is that I can’t repost here (or anywhere else) content I have published on Data Insights for 15 days. So I’ll be posting excerpts and links, and I do encourage my readers to visit InfoWorld for more.

And I hope you enjoy reading my prose as much as I enjoy writing it!

Digitally yours,


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